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This website showcases some of the work I have completed in the past.

If you have any web design work for me to quote you for, just fill in this. It will be step 1 for your new site!

My work is best suited to individuals and small companies.

About Me

My name is Thomas, I completed a BSc in Multimedia Technology & Design at Kent University in 2006.

Today I have 5 years employed and 5 years freelance experience as a web designer. With a solid foundation in html driven by meaningful and organised CSS to control all aspects of a site from navigation to typeface and layout. I am interested in creating striking, original design that serves a purpose aesthetically and functionally to it's best potential.

I am experienced in working in CMS systems, both in house and freely available, from shopping cart systems to forums, web forms of all descriptions and Wordpress Installations. My server side language of choice is PHP/MySQL.

I am always building on my skills, forever staring at things sideways and thinking of ways to make them more beautiful and functional!

Employed Work

I am currently looking to be employed roughly in the Northampton, Rugby, Daventry area!

If you are interested in hiring me or are a recruiter, feel free to contact me.

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Hot off the Press

What's on the Menu

  • Graphic design of logos, packaging, flyers, posters, brochures and web ads.
  • Web design
  • Coding of XHTML/CSS layouts
  • Web design assistance
  • Basic search engine optimisation
  • Wordpress theme development & customisation
  • ProcessWire CMS development
  • Bespoke Thesis themes
  • Bespoke Typepad themes
  • Illustration (vector & traditional)
  • Flash animation
  • Static and animated banner ads
  • Music & sound production
  • Video editing